Praying Friends,

Summer is over, and winter arrived with the typical rain, cold, and wind that Southern Chile is known for. Our busyness in our Father’s business has only increased since our last letter, including various public ministry outings throughout the 14th and 10th regions (our region and the one south of us, respectively; they’re rather out of numerical order).

We were blessed to be able to receive the Valdivia church in our home on the last Sunday of March for a special meeting that resulted in tracts being delivered house-to-house, and the gospel being preached publicly in our neighborhood. While having that many people (25+) in our house at once was exhausting and cramped, we really enjoyed getting a taste of what the first-century church may have been like (without the obvious imminent threat of persecution and being fed to lions, of course). It was also a good foretaste of what planting a church may be like here in Chile, though the exact format is yet to be revealed by the LORD in His timing.

We have greatly enjoyed our time working in Osorno, and are enthusiastically looking forward to the time when the LORD will see fit to use us to plant a church there. Now, we’re in no way naïve about the situation: we’ve already seen the spiritual reality that is the rule here in Chile, and not the exception, and its effect is clear even in the saved and (apparently) sincere believers that are of a mind to participate. Bro. Raúl, the Chilean pastor of the churches that we work alongside, says:  “Some people participate, while others get involved.” This is a general truth anywhere in the world, and we’re hoping that the LORD sends us some people that truly want to “get involved” and not just participate.

Again, we’re neither naïve nor jaded: we’re looking forward to seeing the LORD move. In preparation for His timing, we have been systematically saturating various neighborhoods in Osorno with gospel tracts. We would appreciate your prayers considering the spiritual “ammunition” we have on hand: our current crop of tracts is nearing exhaustion, and we would like to print some of our own tracts here with our personal contact information on them. Printing in-country is more feasible than shipping material in, despite the somewhat increased cost, so we would appreciate your prayers for the LORD’s direction and supply in this matter.

It is often difficult to determine when is the right time to mention certain tasks, projects, or undertakings that are part of our ministry here. There is always much more happening than what goes into the prayer letter. Besides the consistent public ministry outings, which include passing out tracts, open-air preaching, and personal witnessing to anyone who is willing to stop and talk, we are continuously involved in the Bible Institute, various activities with the local churches, and daily attempts to preach Christ and Him crucified to anyone who shows any hint of willingness. However, beyond the “normal” missionary stuff, the LORD has also allowed me to begin the development process of an Online Spanish Bible Institute, to train future preachers and ministers from the scriptures. This work is still in its nascent stage, with recording the Bible classes being a very time-consuming and slow process, but I believe that this labor can and will bear eternal fruit. Please pray especially for a young man named Luís Huerta in Peru, my first student, and for me, as I use what the LORD has given me to train others.

Until next time, we thank you for your continued prayers and support on our behalf.

In Christ,
Vince, Kathie, Nathan, James, and Asa LaRue