Praying Friends,

Greetings in the name of our LORD and Saviour, Jesus Christ! We’re excited about another month of having the privilege of serving the LORD here in Southern Chile! As we quickly draw close to the two-year mark, we’re thrilled about the time we’ve been able to spend here in Chile, fulfilling God’s will in this life, seeking His pleasure through our labors on His behalf.

We’ve maintained the “normal” pace of consistent public ministry throughout the XIVº and Xº Regions (our region and the region south of us), preaching and passing out tracts “publickly, and house to house,” seeking to glorify the LORD through every effort. Bro. Robinson (whose contact information is on most of the tracts we distribute) was contacted by a man named Roberto from the city of La Unión after receiving a tract. Please pray for our dealings with him, that the Holy Spirit will work in his heart and life to the glory of God.

We’ve mentioned briefly our desire for the LORD to begin a new work through us here in the city of Osorno. With the commitments here in Valdivia, we have neither the financial resources nor the facility of mobilization to spend an adequate amount of time on the work that needs to be done to start a traditional church plant, and as our course has us here in Valdivia for basically the next two years, it is not possible for us to move and begin a new work. So, we are praying and waiting for an Acts 16 (verses 14-15 specifically) event that will open the way for a new work. In the meantime, we will be traveling whenever possible, spending at least two or three days a month in the city, passing out tracts, preaching publicly, and going door-to-door, to see what the LORD has planned for us. Please pray with us that the LORD would provide wisdom, opportunity, and the physical provision necessary to fulfill His will here in the city of Osorno.

As to Kathie’s pregnancy, everything is proceeding very well, with both mommy and baby healthy. Just about everything is prepared for his arrival, with the other ladies here having held a surprise baby shower for Kathie. We’re patiently awaiting his advent, and we’ll make sure to post photos and the name we’ve chosen on our family’s Facebook Page and in next month’s letter as well. Please pray that the rest of Kathie’s pregnancy is calm and normal, so that we can report on a healthy, happy baby very soon.

Thank you so much for your faithful support toward the LORD’s ministry here in southern Chile. We pray that the LORD will add fruit that may abound to your account.

In Christ,
Vince, Kathie, Nathan, James, and Baby LaRue

Osorno’s central plaza, where we preach and pass out tracts